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Esempio The Artworks, the Artist, the Personage Museo dell'Ara Pacis - Spazio espositivo Ara Pacis 14 October 2016 - 19 February 2017 Exhibition The Ara as it was The redevelopment project in augmented reality of the Ara Pacis Museo dell'Ara Pacis 14 October 2016 - 30 October 2017 Event Lapidarium Mercati e Foro di Traiano 16 September 2016 - 5 March 2017 Exhibition Minute Visioni Museo Napoleonico 25 June 2016 - 7 May 2017 Exhibition Bizhan Bassiri - Specchio Solare NOOR Museo Carlo Bilotti - Spazio Es...

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Meta descriptionThe museum system run by Rome City Council comprises an extremely diverse group of museums and archaeological sites of undoubted artistic and historic value. In addition to the Musei Capitolini - the world’s oldest public museum - the system also encompasses the MACRO (Rome’s museum of contemporary art) inaugurated in 2010 and designed by Odile Decq, and the Museo dell’Ara Pacis, designed by Richard Meier and home to various important exhibitions. others include Mercati di Traiano, with the Museo dei Fori Imperiali, as well as the Planetario and the Museo Astronomico that are the ideal destination for anyone interested in the new frontiers of science.The system is further enriched by several “hidden” gems - small museums with prized collections such as the Museo Napoleonico, the Museo di Scultura Antica Giovanni Barracco, the Museo Carlo Bilotti, the Museo Pietro Canonica, the Museo delle Mura and others still - all waiting to be discovered. Numerous events and temporary exhibitions help make the System of Municipal Museums unique amongst other museum networks in Italy, providing a constant stream of initiatives that are always original and guaranteed to appeal to all sections of the public.Musei in Comune di Roma at a glanceDépliant
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